Hey there!

   Thank you so much for visiting Travis Porchia.com!  I sure do appreciate your interest!  Whatever your reason for visiting, whether it be that you saw me in a performance and wanted to learn a bit more about me, that you are interested in booking me for my services in Voice Over, or that you are really looking for Drake and have the two of us mixed up (don't worry, happens all the time), you've come to the right place!  (Except if you are indeed looking for Drake, then you madam, have come to the WRONG place...)

A little bit about me...

   Surprise!  I'm an actor!  No, really...I am...  You don't see accountants with websites dedicated to this many pictures of themselves, do you?  If so, please let me know...also let me know if he's taking new clients...

   I am a Chicago based actor with a degree in Theater Performance from Columbia College Chicago.  You've seen my alma-mater around, I'm sure.  Our school logo looks like this: 

You'll never take me ALIVE!!!!!

You'll never take me ALIVE!!!!!

  Since graduation, I've had the pleasure of working with many wonderful theaters in Chicago, including Writers' Theare, Drury Lane Oakbrook, BoHo Theater,and Strawdog Theater--just to name a few.   I've had the pleasure of working with some of the brightest and finest artists in the city.  I've had the privilege of eating at some of the brightest and finest....McDonald's' in the city...(I'm still trying to figure out when I became such an elitist).  I am very fortunate to be having the career that I am having.

   My degree in theater performance really prepared me for the cut-throat job market that awaits today's college graduates.  I mean, I took my degree to my first job interview after graduation and was hired ON THE SPOT!  To this day, nobody can work a six table section during Sunday Brunch at the Cheesecake Factory like I can!  See?  College.  Stay in school kids.  

   People in my head are always asking me "Travis, how do you make mediocrity look so impressively effortless?" and I respond, "That's a good question, Beyonce, thanks for asking! I love what I do, so I try to do more of it more often."  And that is the truth (because the rest of this isn't), I love what I do!  

   Please feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries!  My office hours are: Tuesday 2:15pm to 2:17pm, feel free to contact me during that entire block!  Can't wait to hear from you!  Thank you for your time.


Travis Porchia

Humanitarian, Vegetarian, DeLorean, Visionary (because I wear glasses)